Indulge in the Most Delicious Cakes in Hong Kong

“For me, baking has always been a form of self expression,” says Japanese Chef Horiuchi Rin, the young and talented visionary Head Patisserie at TIRPSE. “Thanks to six adventurous years in France uncovering the mysteries of dessert, I’m able to create cakes with a freedom of expression and a range of surprisingly-delicate flavours that often leave our customers speechless.”

Love and Obsession

Casting some magical spells and with some extraordinary alchemy, Rin turn the most basic ingredients into the most delicious bites. Each piece is hand-glazed with meticulous care. For those wishing to indulge in a dessert capable of suspending time at home, or to show the ultimate in self-restraint and generosity to their friends, the Cloud and Forest cakes are available at TIRPSE.