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TIRPSE is staffed by passionate individuals whose love of food, wine and culinary talents create the perfect recipe for an exquisite dining retreat.

Shimizu Yuta
Following in his father’s footsteps of accenting French cuisine with Eastern concepts, Japanese Chef Shimizu Yuta is the gifted director behind our delectable menu and world-class culinary presentations. Yuta graduated from the Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka and was guided by renowned French chefs at the Pavillonde la Rotonde and Chateau restaurant Joel Robuchon in Tokyo before joining TIRPSE in 2017. Chef Shimizu Yuta’s skills are an invaluable contribution to our Japanese French restaurant as well as to both cultures, with a profound display of talent in every dish from ‘Ma Po Tofu’ to our inspired creative versions of your favourite French dishes.

Horiuchi Rin
Pastry specialist and connoisseur Horiuchi Rin is a young protégé Chef with a knack for turning flavourful delicacies into spectacular works of art. At only 26 years old, he’s already proven his talents by crafting some of the best desserts in HK while creating mesmerising visual appeal and an alluring call to the palate. Graduating from the Chateau de Vigny Culinary School, Rin went on to work through a tour of fine dining restaurants in France including Restaurante Castellas, Le Grand Véfour, Boulangerie Regis Colin, Au Chant du Coq, and Restaurant SKAB before returning to Japan to join the team at Boulangerie Francaise DONQ, Restaurant TAKUMI, and TIRPSE Japan and finally gracing us with his talents right here at TIRPSE Hong Kong.


Thrilled and honoured. Bravo to Yuta’s team, Rin's team & our frontline team. Thank you SCMP for the remarkable award!
#100TopTables2022 #BestPastryChef

Tirpse SCMP book cover

Thrilled and honoured. Bravo to Yuta’s team & our frontline team. Thank you SCMP for the remarkable award!


Congratulations to our young and talented sommelier, Bella Ma!
Tirpse has been awarded with Gold award for restaurant wine pairing by the glass (Western Cuisine category).